Doctrine of “Five Positions of Monarch and Minister”

The Five Positions of Monarch and Minister is the essence of Cao Dong Dharma, the core principle leading to the correspondence of heart and self nature.
It represents a deep perception of the truth of the Dharmadhatu and the realm of Forms, as well as the truth of form and formless. What are the five positions? The positive, the skewed, the skewed-positive, the positive-skewed and the all-inclusive.
These are the five positions of Monarch and Minister. The positive represents the realm of formless, no-existence from the beginning; the skewed represents the realm of form, all forms and phenomena; the skewed-positive represents the renunciation of forms into truth; the positive-skewed represents the appliance of truth with form; the all-inclusive represents catering for all conditions, no-attachment to any existence, no-attain? or no-purification(no impurity and no purity); 非正非偏 . It describes all phases of existences in times and spaces of the ten directions and the three realms, in the same time it depicts (perceives)the practice stages from the beginning to (attain enlightenment and achieve consummation both in cognition and actions in one life.)the final accomplishment in one life.

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