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“F & D”Ya’an Earthquake Aid

#Earthquake Express# The official measurement from the China Earthquake Network: 08:02, Beijing time, on April 20, an earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale occurred in Lushan Suburb, Ya’an city, Sichuan province (at latitude 30.3 degrees north and longitude 103.0 degrees east),
The quake occurred at a depth of 13 kilometers below the surface. (Forwarded from 12841 Wangyi Microblogging)

According to the report of CCTV, the Sichuan Ya’an earthquake has caused 156 deaths and more than 1 500 thousand people have been affected by the disaster.

April 17th, three days before the earthquake, 12841 predicted the earthquake in his microblogging.
[@12841: the Earth will shake in ten days. ]

On the 20th when the earthquake occurred, 12841 wrote in his microblogging to instruct the teams from “F&D” to assist the earthquake-stricken regions of Si-chuan Ya’an.

[@12841: Send all the donations from the activity of “F & D” nation wide this month to Si-chuan Ya-an. Su-lan, please coordinate the work.]

Ⅰ “F & D” – Earthquake relief situation Released:

  • 20th April

    Su-lan, who is the general coordinator of the “F&D”, contacted the Civil Affairs Bureau of Lushan Suburb of Ya`an city, and she was informed that almost all houses were damaged and the people were homeless . General relief resources such as food and water were relatively abundant.
    After the earthquake, emergency materials such as relief tents and first aid supplies were lacking, so, the donated money saved from Fasting this month will be used to buy relief tents and earthquake first aid packages, to send to the Ya-an earthquake region.

    Due to the urgent needs of the earthquake region, Mr. Wu Ze Heng wrote in his microblogging again to arrange the relief work.
    [@12841: Su-lan please organize the purchase and distribution of the relief goods immediately, and the money could be paid after the donations are received later on, the Earthquake regions need the relief supplies urgently!!! ]

    Su-Lan arranged the purchase of relief goods and decided to purchase the relief tents from the Chen-hua Company, 100 tents in the first instance. Due to the urgent need of the earthquake region, Su-lan consulted with the company and reached a consensus to send the relief goods in the first place, and the money could be paid later on.

    Su-Lan calculated the sum of donation and decided the amount of goods to purchase.

    Su-Lan arranged the transportation of the relief goods, and coordinated the logistics.

  • 21st April

    Immediately the same night, the volunteers from the Beijing “F & D” group Guang-min, Si-jin, Brightness Walker, Ke-fang, Qing-xiao, Kuan-rong, went to the tent-maker company in He-bei to organize transportation.

    Teams from “F & D” in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Huaiyuan as well as Hua Zang (Dharma) Charitable Organization in Europe, estimated how much money would be donated and reported to Su-lan.

  • 22nd April

    Eight am. in the morning, volunteers Cao-yuan Yi-zi and Ma Yu-lan from the Beijing “F & D” group also went to the tent-makers to help pack. At that time, forty tents were ready.

    By the end of the day, 100 tents had been packed.

  • 23rd April

    Donations from Shanghai and Beijing was remitted to the “F & D” account.

    100 tents were sent to the earthquake regions.

    The selling price of one tent was 883.00 RMB, but they were purchased for 537.00 RMB each. The discount was the Chen-hua company′s donation to the relief fund.

    Su-lan planed to go to the earthquake region to coordinate the distribution of relief goods, and to make sure they were given to those in need.

  • 24th April

    Su-lan reached Cheng-du City.

    Donations from Nanjing, Shenyang, Shangxi and Tianjing respectively came into the account.

    The Hua Zang Dharma Charitable Organization in Europe(HZDCOE) was raising funds in Europe, and was looking for appropriate ways to transfer them to China.

    95 earthquake first aid packages were purchased and transported to Chen-du City. Each of the earthquake first aid packages cost 510 RMB.

    All donations amounted to 173098.00 RMB, and after subtracting the money spent on tents, earthquake first aid packages and transportation, there are still 65531.00 RMB remaining.

    Su-lan reached the center of Civil Relief Alliance, which is responsible for coordination and relief between the front and back lines. Su-lan worked with the volunteers, and waited for the arrival of the relief goods.

    There is much information coming from the front lines. It seems that in spite of the arrival of a great deal of relief goods these are not reaching those in need.

    Information from the front line, is that relief goods are not allowed to be received by individuals. Without special permits, relief goods could not be sent into the earthquake region, unless the goods are sent directly to those organizations appointed by governments, such as Civil Affairs Bureaus. Su-lan tries to cooperate with other charity organizations, in order to get into the earthquake region as soon as possible.

  • 25th April

    Relief tents arrived at Chen-du City.

    However the situation is that there is a lack of coordination between Governmental and NGOs and between the NGOs themselves, so that the allocation of relief goods is in a mess.

    In order to enter the earthquake region to allocate relief goods as soon as possible, Su-lan has contacted many relief organizations, such as the One Foundation Relief Alliance, the Yau Shange Foundation, the Hongkong Oxfam sub-branch in Cheng-Du as well as the Chengdu Volunteer Association.

    However, on that day, the urgency of the relief work after the earthquake passed. From now on, the relief work will be concentrated on providing accommodation for the afflicted people. It means that the earthquake first aid packages and tents are no longer urgently needed.

    Since relief goods are not allowed to be received by individuals, and the allocation of relief goods is in a mess, and the earthquake packages are no longer in urgent need, it is decided to cease the distribution of the earthquake first aid packages temporarily.

    However, Su-lan tries her best to get the relief goods to the needy people.

  • 26th April

    Su-lan sent us a message: I arrived at Chen-du with compassion for you all, and the only purpose of my trip is to give out the relief goods to the afflicted people, however I found that it is really difficult…

  • 27th April

    It is known that according to the instruction of Premier Li Keqiang, the government of Lu-shan Suburb will hold a meeting with NGOs in order to set up a coordination platform to integrate resources.

    A use was also found for the tents. The Chengdu Volunteer Association will take part in the post-earthquake settlement, the volunteers need short-term living facilities. Su-lan gets ready to bring our tents to the front and gives them to the volunteers.

    People in the earthquake region also need tents for accommodation, and they are waiting for the shelters to be built.

    Getting tents in logistic base.

  • 28th April

    Su-lan is waiting at the volunteer terminal, for the trip next morning to get into Baoxing(one of severely affected place ).

  • 29th April

    Our tents arrived at the frontline. Volunteers from the Chengdu Volunteer Association will bring them to where they are mostly needed.

  • 2nd May

    Second batch of donations from Fu-xin transferred to the account.

    Third batch of donations from Ha-erbing transferred to the account.

  • 4th May

    Donation money raised by the HZDCOE was brought to China by Ms. Bj?rg Lein. This money will be sent to “F & D” ′s account before 8th (more details).

    After the Ya-an earthquake, the Chinese government refused international aid. However a small part of the friendship from Norwegians reached the earthquake regions through the worldwide activities of ”F & D” initiated by Mr. Wu Ze Heng.

  • 5th May

    The second batch of donations from Shenyang was sent out.

  • May, June

    The HZDCOE received donations from Norwegian friends from time to time.

    All donations this time amount to 208,400 RMB. after subtracting the money spent on relief goods, there still remains 100,000 RMB.

Ⅱ Post-earthquake Assistance for reconstruction

  • “F & D” teams reach a consensus that the remaining money would be used for specific projects in post-earthquake reconstruction, and the first batch of money will be used to assist 9 families in difficulties. The “F & D” group appointed the Chengdu Volunteer Association to distribute the money.

  • “F & D” – Ya’an, Baoxin post-earthquake disaster Reconstruction project, Assistance Plan to Poor Families

    There is a surplus from the donation we collected for the Ya’an earthquake. The board members of “F & D” agreed that the surplus would be used for the Post-earthquake Reconstruction in Ya’an region. We will entrust the Chengdu Volunteer Association with the distribution of the money. They will ensure that every sum of money is delivered to the beneficiaries and provide the receipts.

    Background of the entrusted charitable organization(-Chengdu Volunteer Association)

    The Chengdu Volunteer Association was initiated by private individuals and founded in 2005. It is among the first batch of Non-governmental Organizations. The Chengdu Volunteer Association’s mission is to “Serve society with love and dedication”. As a result of the Ya’an earthquake on 20th. April, the Chengdu Volunteer Association will be stationed long-term in Baoxing Suburb of Ya’an City to assist with the reconstruction.

    Planned distribution of the money

    During the initial investigation by the frontline volunteers, 9 needy families were chosen. Among these families, some had lost the main breadwinner, some family members became disabled because of the earthquake, some families were already quite poor, the earthquake made their situation even worse…… The process of support for the needy families will be kept open and transparent. The responsible persons will guarantee that every sum of money will be delivered to each family receiving benefit. They will publish the donation information on the webpage or blog in good time.

    • I, The donator and the beneficiary

      The first donation from: “Fasting for Charity & Good Deed Every Day” group

      The first batch of beneficiaries: 9 families from Baoxing Suburb (see the enclosed files)

    • II, Amount of donation

      100.00 RMB to each family, each month. 1200.00 RMB to each family each year.

      Total of 9 families: 10 800 RMB (only one transaction, with no administrative fee.)

    • III, The transaction and distribution schedule

      The donation will be transferred to the Chengdu Volunteer Association in June and July;

      The duration of the support: July 2013 to July 2014

      The method of distribution: once a quarter (300.00 RMB to each family)

      The distributor: Baoxing Frontline Headquarters of the Chengdu Volunteer Association

    • IV, Distribution procedure

      1、The donation will be issued to the families at the beginning of the first month of every quarter (before 10th);

      2、The beneficiaries must sign a receipt.

      3、The volunteers from the frontline headquarters will take photos or videos to document the charitable event.

    • V, Publishing and feed-back

      Within one week after the distribution (2-3 days delay caused by internet connection problems is allowed), the Chengdu Volunteer Association, the organization entrusted to distribute the donation, will send all the files, photos or videos which document the procedure to the “Fasting for Charity and Good Deed Every Day” group and give feed-back on time.

    Information about the 9 families in difficulty in Bao-xing

    丁启刚 (点开每个人的名字,分别是他们的详细资料)