The orals from the people involved in 729 Event – the Illegal Detention of Zen Master Xingwu on July 29

I am an employee of a company in Shanghai. The operation of the company is completely lawful. I am in charge of administration and financial control. In the morning of July 30, around 1:15 am , I was waken up by a call from my dream. The men on the other side of the phone said he is the police, and asked me to go to my company right away for an investigation. I could hardly imagine why an investigation should be conducted during night. When I reached my company, there were more than 10 policemen in the office, who were in casual dress. It was all of a mess, with computer, papers, files scattered around. A policeman asked me to open the safe. I asked him to show me his certificate, which showed that he was a police from Zhuhai city. I had never touched that safe so that I could hardly open it. The policeman was very angry and criticized me for revising the password of the safe, and holding back the investigation on purpose. If I wanted to hold back the investigation, why should I come to the office so late during night?Why did the police of Zhuhai come over to Shanghai and search our company?

Finally I opened the safe with the help of the manual book. But there was nothing found inside the box. The police was disappointed and took me to the police station in Guangzhong Road. From 2:00 to 7:00 am , they took their shifts to question me. They tried to coerce me that I was under someone’s instigation, and that I had been an undercover for a long time. During the process, they took my phone, searched the content inside my phone , and read irrelevant information in front of me. Finally the investigation was over, and I was permitted to go back home. Before I left, they menaced that I could not talk with others, or contact others, or they would take me back to Zhuhai in custody. I could hardly imagine they were the police who guarded our safety.

When I got back home, I charged my phone and saw many un-replied calls. Fearing that my friends would worry about me, I replied to two missed calls. I was so tired that I fell into the bed without a shower.

A while later, there were big noises outside my door. I was so tried that I simply fell asleep right away. Then big noises of kicking the doors and shouting woke me up again. I wondered what happened, and opened the door. There were many police, including the police responsible for the neighborhood, as well as those from the police station, and they asked me to accept investigation. After checking my ID and fulfilling their procedure, the police said that there were some people who wanted to talk with me. After a while, there rushed in two police from Zhuhai, and another police from Shanghai. They shouted and scolded me at the very moment when they get into my house. One of the police from Zhuhai wanted to kick me. I was shocked, and later I came to realize that all their anger came from the fact that I didn’t listen to them, that I answered one call and made another phone-call.

The three of them asked me to turn out something. I was completely confused,having no idea what they wanted. I asked them what they wanted and my question enraged them again. They kept shouting and scolding me. I had no idea what’s wrong in answering a phone to a friend to assure them I was safe. It was very strange that right after I put down the phone,they got the message and rushed to my house. So many police came up all of a sudden. Did they fear that I would ran away? 

They searched around my rooms, every wardrobes. When they found anything they believe to be important, they requested me to sign. Several books and one disk! I was wondering what sort of evidence they wanted. The book was published in public, advocating fasting and charity.What’s wrong in it!

After my signature, I felt weak and nervous and laid down against my bed. Then the male police officer from Zhuhai shocked me: Are you pretending death? The female one made some sense at this moment: Take some medication if you don’t feel right. These are the servants of the people, the guardians for the human!

At this moment, one police came up breathlessly with a youngster. They made the youngster to sign for them, who was an express-deliver boy they caught from the street. Oh my God! The poor child didn’t know anything about the process. He trembled when he was signing… I just realized that they brought him to sign in order to made themselves legal. They did not care nor respect the truth and fact.

At last, the day went over! A nightmare since early morning! I was so tried and I could not collect myself from the bed for a drop of water! However, it was not the end. My phone rang up! It was the female police of Zhuhai. She asked me to go to the company again, and sign for some evidence that they wanted but rejected now. I hurried to the office again. There was no list nor receipt and all staffs were scattering on the floor. I signed and fingerprinted as they requested.

Up till now throughout the whole morning, there were Shanghai police from different departments, kept knocking my doors, and I kept filling forms, checking identity cards, and taken photos.

That’s my experience! I don’t know what will happen next!