Orals from the Involved Persons(Children) — Sequence after Chan Master under detention on July 29-1

At 11 pm of July 29, 2014, the police in Zhuhai city of Guangdong Province raided Mr. Wu Zeheng’s home, and took Mr. Wu, his friends and relatives away by force. Some children and old people were also taken away during the raid. Those children were prepared to go out for a travel, and they had never expected to be taken to the police station.

The followings are the orals from the children at the scene:

At around 11 pm of July 29, 2014, when I was sleeping in bed with another girl, we were wakened up by a loud knocking at the door. I came to the door to see what happened. A policeman forced in and knocked me off. He rushed in without any apology. At that time, all people in the house were in nightgowns. Then they began to go through our personals and impound our cell phones and some personal stuff. After that, we, two girls, were pushed out, and my friend was scared to cry.

There were kids and old women in this house. But they were very fierce towards us, even the kitty in this house was frightened to dart away. They forced the elder sister to sign something and got her refusal. They yelled at her. Their voice was so loud and frightened the old woman who was ill in bed.

We were forced to the police station, and waited for a long time. Nobody came to inquire us, but they didn’t even let us leave. The air-conditioning was cold, chairs in the station was made of iron and was cold too. They didn’t provide us any blankets. Old men and kids suffered from cold. My friend’s hands were blue with cold. After a while, we saw an aunt with two other sisters being taken in. There were different degrees of scratches on their hands, which were obviously caused by handcuffs in the struggles with the police. They smiled at us, intended to come over to talk. But the police behind them pushed them in harsh. They scolded our sisters loudly.

We waited at the station in cold for more than five hours. During the five and a half hours, the old women and kids didn’t get a sleep. Until 5 o’clock in the morning, there came some policemen to inquire us.

In the inquiry, every time when the policeman got answers out of his expectation, he would get mad. I was tired and sleepy, he extended the inquiry time for a long time as he kept chatting with other guys. I was exhausted. The inquiry finished nearly at 6 am. Then we checked the cell phones they returned, and found each phone damaged at different levels.
— Orals from a twelve-year-old girl involved at the scene

Orals from the Involved Persons(Children) — Sequence after Chan Master under detention on July 29 -2

At that time one of my friends, a girl, got sick. I came to see her. When she was feeling really bad and sweating because of the pain in her belly, someone was knocking the door loudly. Several policemen forced in when the door opened. They were appalling and demanding to check registered residence. If you think it over, you will find who would come to check registered residence at 11 pm! The kids were sleeping, most of them were girls, and one was having a bath. They came to the bathroom door directly without any words and began to thump on the door when they got no response. The kid inside was scared. The girl patient next to me began to cry, out of fear. The police didn’t care about this, still shouted loudly as if they didn’t see that. Their evil eyes frightened the kids.

There were seven kids at that time. The adults began to protest, asking them to show search warrant or any official documents. But the police were in bad manner and refused to show any documents. Later, they didn’t even bother to claim checking the registered residence and forced to take people straight away. They came forward to snatch the children’s dairies, searching their luggage and tearing their dairies. Children’s belongings were broken. All the children were intended to go out for a travel. No one can think of such a terrible event like this. Their mood got destroyed and most of them were scared. Their average age is around 12 years old. Later, all people in this house were taken away in force. During the inquiry the police were quite severe, and didn’t interview us according to the legal procedures. When they forced a parent to sign, she asked them why not to follow the legal procedures. They relied, “We are the police, and we can do what we want. It is just a process.”The parent refused to sign and got their harsh scolding.

After the police took the children to the station, the air-conditioning was very cold. Some children fell into sleep, the adults asking the police to provide blankets in case the children got cold. But they refused to provide, replying with words like “they have fallen into sleep, and won’t feel anything.” We were detained for almost five hours. We were kids and didn’t even know what to do in the station, but they didn’t even release us nor came to inquire us. — Orals from a girl involved at the scene

Orals from the Involved Persons(Children) — Sequence after Ze Master, Mr.Wu Ze Heng under detention on July 29 -3

When my friends and I were playing with our phones, someone knocked the door heavily. We wondered who were coming. A group of policemen rushed in when the door opened. We were shocked and scared. Then more policemen, about 20 men, entered. They rushed in and began to camera, take photos and search. The adults asked them to show searching warrant, but they ignored. They searched the wardrobes and luggage cases without asking for permission. In the end, after the strong claim from everyone, they showed us the searching warrant, and took our cell phones and computers away. And we were forced to the police station with no reasons.

When we arrived at the station, they began to inquire us one by one. We saw they handcuffed three people, an aunt and two sisters we knew. Two of them got hurt. The police officers were quite fierce during the interview, and treated us as suspects while we were innocent. One aunt was detained there for more than 35 hours. They were transferred to the First House of Detention in Zhuhai, and declared as suspects, as if they committed something. — Orals from a girl involved at the scene

From the Involved Persons(Written by Children) — Sequence after Zen Master,Mr.Wu Ze Heng under detention on July 29-4

On the night of Jul29 2014 11pm, lots of polices came into our house suddenly. I was bathing at that time, heardshort and brutal knock at door. When they got in, they illuminated whole house back and forth with flashlight, which is quite scaring. At the beginning, I thought thief or robber came into our house, I quickly clean myself and went out of bath room. I found there were more than 10 polices in the house, they search everywhere of house, even impact one sick child; She was not allowed to have a rest, and together with other children were taken away.I was awful scared. Teachers told us police are all good persons who can help people when needed; however, what I saw is that the world is actually not so beautiful.

Polices divided us into 2 groups, 1 group with elder age of 14 years old and the other group with the age of 10 years old. Children were all scared. We got onto police car. But we were put into the compartment which is used for preventing prisons from escape. Darkness brought all kinds of fear thoughts to us. About 1am Jul30 we arrived at police station. At the beginning, we were even not allowed to drink water, just told to wait on cold chairs.One 10-year-old child wanted to sleep, we requested for times, only 1 quilt was given for all of us dozen children. We were told to sit & wait, from 1am to 5am, during which period, police shouted to us from time to time, and said we were all bad children.

By this time case, we doubt in our minds that whether police would come to protect us when we are in danger, whether police would protect justice, whether police would distinguish right from wrong?


From the Involved Persons(Written by Children) — Sequence after Zen Master,Mr.Wu Ze Heng under detention on July 29-5

My name is Wu Shenggui, 17 years old.

At 23pm on 29Jul 2014, a group of police rushed into our house, upon their entrance, they shouted that everyone came out of room to check ID cards. Shouting in the house, what’s police’s quality? What’s police’s attitude? Whether police have the right to act recklessly? Whether police can look down upon civilian and have no consideration of our feeling? My little brother and I came to visit our elder brother working here, and we faced such situation on the 5th day upon arrival in Zhuhai! Can current society provide stable life to civilian? Can current society stop creating a terrorist atmosphere to civilian?

After police checked our ID cards, they talked nonsense that they suspected us taking drugs and wanted us to go to police station! Just suspicion without any evidence &arrest warrant, they wanted to take people away. Whether justice in China is disappeared? Whether only commission complete and showing off is left in Zhuhai’spolice minds? Believe it is one of the important reason swhy Socialism is still under built, and society development is handicapped. My elder brother and his colleagues were taken away; my little broker and I were left. And it is the result of my elder broker’s hard argument. After them gone away, policemen left started to search randomly in living room! And didn’t allow us to watch! In the end, another group of policemen came, they together search the whole house and detained many articles! I asked some questions and raised objection, one of tall police shouted to me. I argued with him. When I came to living room, he showed his pocket and fetch out a gun. The gun was naked put on his waist! It is demonstration to a under age child, intimidation to me?

His expression was ferocious, and attitude was rude from the beginning to the end. My elder sister called me, he robbed my phone and threw it heavily onto desk. How is the attitude?? After whole night torment, I’m fear upon sight of police now!

From the Involved Persons(Written by Children) — Sequence after Zen Master,Mr.Wu Ze Heng under detention on July 29-6

At 11 pm July 29th 2014, a group of policemen broke into our Summer Camp dormitory and searched every corner in the room. I didn’t know is there anyone break the law or make any mistake. They just forced to search our room when we were going to sleep. Besides, they did not show any respect to us at all. They even attempted to take a sick girl away! One plainclothesman kept trying to pull something out from us. After forced us to show our ID card & mobile phone as well as communication records, they took us to Police Station. The sick girl was guarded by two policemen they assigned.

I totally don’t understand why we were taken into Police Station with the identity of suspects! And we were forced to stay there for 4.5 hours. Meanwhile some other children from the summer camp were also taken there as well. So far as we know, at that night the community was filled with policemen, Special Police Forces and plainclothesmen. Among them there were several senior officers.

At the police station, we were called to do statements. Those policemen were very rude to us. My roommate said he did not understand why this happened and challenged them on the reason of tonight’s issue. This irritated those rude men and they even attempted to bring him into interrogation room!

In the Police Station we kept waiting in the hall and walking back and forth. It was midnight but we could only close our eyes for a little while to take rest. It was really depressed. After four and half hours we were released back to our dormitory. But we found the sick girl disappeared! We were really angry!

We slept for two hours finally. And then the sick girl was released back. We all guessed that we are monitored as well.

Those policemen were really terrible: They did not allow us to sleep and were so rude to us. They did not show any respect to the citizens. How can we be treatedlike that! They arrested several people with a crime of Evil Organization. It is ridiculous! They are beasts in human’s clothing!

Mr. Wu Zeheng, Chan Master Xing-wu, who is an international celebrity, the founder of Hua Zang Intuitive Heart Dharma, has been wrongfully imprisoned for 11 years. Regardless of personal gains and losses, he calls for”Fasting for Charity, One Good Deed A Day” and “Mutual Love among All Citizens”,achieving international recognition for China. There are hundreds of thousands people, both domestic and overseas, follow and respect him.

Now old people and children were released home, but Mr. Wu Zeheng and many of his friends and relatives were declared in detention. There are 19 people all together. From the night of July 29 to August 3, they had lost connection for 5 days. The 19 people’s families have not received any notification from the police, not even a letter. Until now we do not know the exact name of crime each one of them was accused of.