July 31, Update of the Raid to a Buddhist Sect of Zhuhai Police

By 18:00 July 31, some of the people detained in Zhuhai, Shenzhen, and Shanghai were released, while 16 others still under detention, including Chan Master Xing Wu Up till now, there is no formal explanations for the detention from the police.

A lawyer of public service advocacy has intervened in the case, who has arrived in Zhuhai already. The lawyer has gone twice to the detention center, but every time was told his client was been arraigned at that time, still unable to meet his client Chan Master Xing Wu The lawyer will continue to visit the detention center tomorrow early in the morning, demanding the legal right to meet his client.

On July 30 and 31, some followers of Chan Master Xing Wu in different cities were harassed by the police continuously. There were police who broke into the residence and raiding the rooms without the presence of the house owner. Those police have seriously violated the laws, riding over basic human rights .

Chan Master Xing Wu has been advocating “Fasting for Charity, and One Good Deed per Day”, aiming at self-improvement and self-redemption. His followers has practiced and led a purified and virtuous trend of the society over the years. We call on your attention to the unfair treatment to both Chan Master Xing Wu and his followers.

We are in need of lawyers who are experts of public service advocacy. Please contact us if you know experienced lawyers who are willing to help and can come in time. We call for the protection and fulfillment of legal right as a common Chinese citizens.