1st Open Letter To Public ( after prison release)


To all my friends who are concerned about, support, and believe in me and to those who are suspicious of, oppress, and humiliate me:

My name is Wu Zeheng. I was imprisoned for eleven years and released recently. I hereby extend my sincerest greetings and heartfelt gratitude to all my friends.

Ten years of suffering in prison has not changed my heartfelt love for my country and her people. Regardless of occurrences in the past, present, or future, I, Wu Zeheng, still am faithful to the Chinese nation, protect and hold the Orthodox Dharma of Buddha, and pursue the harmonious unification of the society. It is the duty and obligation of every Chinese descendant to promote the great rejuvenation of China.

Even though I have been released from prison, I frequently suffer the “care and attention” of the authorities; I am unable to enjoy the legal freedoms and rights to which every citizen is entitled and I am unable to have a normal life. But still I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings to all sectors of society:

May all my friends, followers, and students who are concerned about and support me always adhere to the principle of  “ Share Worries for the State ,  Bring Welfare to the People”    To all friends who are suspicious, oppress, and humiliate me – may we engage in dialogue, based on equality, fair-mindedness, and mutual understanding, so that I may be accorded the basic legal rights and dignity granted by law. While I am full confidence and expectations of a brighter future for China, I am deeply concerned about China’s inferior and depraved character.

I love this land, where I was born and raised, and I love the people who live in this land. I eagerly look forward to the day, under the promotion and guidance of the Communist Party of China, we have democracy, freedom, equality, and a harmonious and prosperous society for the people.

I return mournfully after ten years in purgatory and hopeful that this catastrophe is not beyond remedy.

24th March 2010

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