Wu Ze Heng and Hua Zang Dharma main case

The Origin of the Case

On 31st July 1999, Mr.Wu Ze Heng was arrested for “economic crime”, but actually they were religious and political reasons. As the 88th successor of Buddha, he had preached Buddhist Dharma all over the country and abroad for ten years, and had tens of thousands of followers; In 1998,concerned about China´s social crisis, Mr.Wu submitted a letter to the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee and State Council for political, economical and social reform. This caused the Chinese Authority great concern.

The religious reason:

For ten years Mr.Wu Ze Heng preached the Hua Zang Dharma. Please check
The Hua Zang Chronology from 1990 (2534 of Buddhist Calendar) to 1998 (2542 of Buddhist Calendar)

The political reason:

In 1998, Mr.Wu Ze Heng’s Suggestions to the CPC Central Committee and State Council

Event which initiated the case:

The Process Of Establishing the Hua Zang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The Proceedings

On 20th December 2000, The Beijing First Intermediate People´s Court of the first instance held a closed hearing, sentencing Mr.Wu to 11 years jail for “Illegally operating a business” and “unauthorized issuing of shares”.

In 1999,Mr.Wu Ze Heng Submitted A Letter To The General Secretary and The Prime Minister

The Notice On The Approval To Establish the Huazang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
and The News Reported


The Indictment Of Beijing People’s Procuratorate No.1 Branch

Feedback And Enforcement Procedures Of The Various Government Departments

The Criminal Judgment Of The Beijing First Intermediate People´S Court

An Appeal Lodged To the Beijing Supreme Court

The Verdict Of Second Instance Of The Beijing Supreme Court

Prison experience

Hui-ji Prison arbitrarily transformed Mr.Wu´s economic crimes into “Endangering national security”, Hua Zang Dharma was an “Illegal organization that endangers society”. On 31st July 1999, Mr. Wu was arrested in Zuhai city of Guangdong Provnce, held in custody in Jida local police station, and then taken to the Beijing Detention Center (Ban-bu-qiao). From July 1999 to 27th November 2001,he was detained in the Ban-bu-qiao Detention Center of Beijing. On 27th November 2001,Mr.Wu was taken from Beijing to the Lian-ping Prison in Guangdong Province. On 17th May 2002,Mr.Wu was transferred from Lian-ping Prison to Huai-ji Prison in Guangdong Province, and locked up in solitary confinemment. On 25th May 2002,Mr.Wu was transferred to the “Fourth District” in Huai-ji Prison,put on “A-level” torture. After 2005, he was transferred to the “Seventh District” in Huai-ji Prison. Torture in Prison: An Appeal from Prison

Release From Prison

An Open Letter To Public (Publish on 24th March 2010)
Inquiry On Passport