Mr.Wu Ze Heng’s Suggestions to the CPC Central Committee and State Council in 1998

Since the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China in 1949 under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese nation broke away from the feudal period and the tyrannizing of big powers. The people’s living standards have been improved progressively, the overall strength of the country has been increasingly stronger, and the international reputation and status have been increasingly steady and firm. Today’s achievements and development of China root in the leading of the CPC. The Divine Land will engrave forever “Without the Communist Party there would be no New China!”

Today, Chinese people step into the 21st century under the leading of the Communist Party of China. At this critical time of the turn of the century, embracing the 21st century with lofty enthusiasm, I am deeply concerned about various abuses existing in our society.

Despite the formalized epithalamium throughout the country, the image of the party in power is impaired greatly. Various administrative levels, including cadres from all levels and even higher leading cadres of the CPC, have increasing oppugning and epidemic discontent toward the party in power. With the intertwining of the two theoretical systems, socialism and capitalism, it is difficult to establish unified rules to develop a socialism system with Chinese characteristics. The political belief fluctuation is common because Marxism-Leninism and materialistic dialectics are not applicable in a society of commodity economy in many aspects. Political belief crisis of the entire people is emerging. The ideological turmoil results in cutting a record of corruption phenomenon including neo-bureaucratism, bribery, money-power collusion and scrimshank since the establishment of the country. The increasingly severe punishment from the central government to various forms of corruption puts only a small percentage of delinquents into prison. Related to the above, various criminal acts, social violence, and people and religious conflicts are worsening every day. In addition to these problems, the number of unemployed people is increasing, and measures and market of re-employment are not yet orientated. In the society of commodity economy, rules of ideology and conduct of the majority of the people are money-orientated. Moral degeneration, thieving, deceit, robbing and various economical crimes occur throughout the country. The evil social influence pricks up the conflicts and discontent from the people to the party of power.

In spite of the steady development and prosperous progress of our country, the various crises hidden in corners must draw our attention. Worsening of any kind of conflict could elicit social turbulence. We must be alerted by the political upheaval on Jun. 4th, 1989. China is becoming stronger and more prosperous, and can not bear any social turbulence. With these facts, I, as a Chinese descendant with enthusiasm and conscience, would like to make the following suggestions to Mr. President of Jiang Ze-ming, Minister Zhu Rong-ji of Chinese Community Party Central Community:

1,Form a research group composed of experts in politics, economics, education, science and technology, culture, religion and other aspects, investigate the principles and the evolution laws of ideal and material, subject and object, local and overall, and communication, interaction and integrity of human beings and nature. Apply extensively the theoretical principles and laws and experimental methods in various social and natural fields, promoting the subject-object unification of central and local governments, inter-departments, and cadres and the people in social administrative system. The purpose is to clarify each other’s position and to enhance the efficiency of each department. Overall coordinating is required to form an ordered and unified political system, which should be recorded in the constitution at an appropriate time to avoid dissentions and even wars between different social groups in seeking certain balance and purposes.

In terms of economical system, under the planned regulation by the country, the principles of the four unifications as mentioned above will lead the liberal and commodity economy to establish a novel mode of subject-object unification and of integral development between different systems, production and distribution, state-owned and private-owned in benefit competition. The novel mode will avoid a new proletarian class revolution in a sense caused by the extreme polarization according to the jungle law.

In terms of science and technology and education, the principles of the four unifications will lead to establishing a novel mode from analysis to comprehension, from opposing to unity between study and study, phenomenon and essence, local and entirety. This mode will relieve or completely solve various dilemmas of air and water pollution, resource and energy deficiency caused by higher temperature, high pressure and high energy consumption that are related to industrial production.

2,Complement the materialistic dialectics with representative theoretical systems of nations and religious beliefs, better its principles of unity and establish step by step a theoretical system of belief with Chinese characteristics for the people. Implement the propaganda of the system through various media in order to enhance the people’s trust and condensability to the party in power and the government, and to solve the national disputes and stabilize various eccentric social factors that will result in turbulence. Meanwhile, the sublime moral education will lead the people to perfect their personalities and conducts initiatively, reducing criminal and economical offenses caused by moral degeneration, and finally resulting in the harmonious unity and overall development between individuals, nations, religions, the government and the people. The purpose is to allow the people to have appropriate survival and development spaces under the leading of the party of power and the government, the country having a steady and long-lasting development.

3,Form an investigation group composed of non-Communist party personnel. The group should be responsible to the central committee of the CPC and the state council directly and be authorized to investigate, inspect and impeach cadres of all levels of the party, the political system, the economical system, the military, the police and the jurisdiction system. A formal decree from the central committee of the CPC and the state council should be distributed to all levels of administrative system that they need to cooperate with the investigation group if necessary. The investigation group submits the investigation materials to the central committee of the CPC and the state council or the higher authorities of the person involved for the final arbitrament. The existence duration of the investigation group and its members will be determined by the central committee of the CPC and the state council according to its social influence. The composition and functions of the investigation group will get rid of the possibility that cadres of the Party and the political system who commit crimes can escape from the CPC internal investigating because of the personal network. The party in power will gain the trust and support of the people because of the justness of the non-CPC inspection, the open measures and the trust in non-Party personages.

4,Declare the government purview gradually and bring the political affairs into the open. Prohibit some acts of some local governments, such as trespassing on public benefits and depriving the rights and interests of citizens by using tools of politics and laws. The government should be responsible to and willing to be inspected by electorate in deed, and implement the wills of electorate, process public-opinion poll and consulting periodically. The people will then feel that they are in power and be confident and passionate toward their own government. Although the central government takes the principles above as the political programme, some local governments throughout the country don’t follow these principles in the actual administration procedure. In some coastal cities, some people even hold virulence and enmity to the local governments. The actions as suggested above will help improve the Party-people communication greatly.

5,Personnel system should be open, fare and square. Higher-up designation and public election should be combined to select appropriate personnel based on capabilities of the candidates. Carry out universal education of legal system and democracy at different administrative levels and grades. Regimes of grass roots should be determined by fair and competitive election in selective experimental units gradually and upwardly. Candidates nominated by superior power and those elected by differential voting should carry out public campaign speech of administration, electorate will choose their own deputy judging by the political programmes of the candidates. When the government is mature, the electee is responsible to form a cabinet. The People’s congress council at the corresponding level will perform the qualification censoring to members of the cabinet according to legal procedures, and decide to pass or reject the motion of cabinet formation. During the reign and administration of the current government, the political consultation at the corresponding level will inspect the government, and initiate trust or impeachment motions, which will be rechecked and determined by the People’s congress council at the corresponding level. This mode will provide the prerequisite basis for the People’s congress council and the political consultation and governments of all levels to proceed the future overall general election with the prerequisites of keeping the political constitution system and CPC being in power.

In the human society without a correct ideology, reform of any system can not alter the essence of things. Without a correct leading ideology, there would be no correct system. Whether China of the 21st century will stand among the strong powers of the world is determined by establishment of a common ideological belief of the entire people and a correct recognition of the universe and objective principles. We ought to be united and work harmoniously, to be the best we can be, and to do the most we can do at our own positions. We must be creative while learning from the history, and progressive while developing steadily. At this critical time of the turn of the history, the entire China is expecting the Communist Party of China to guide us to a brand new brilliance. The history offers an opportunity for Chinese people, while a greater opportunity for the Communist Party of China. The Party and Chinese people will be confronting more severe challenges. Where is China going in the 21st century? What will the communists do? The world is watching!

The comments above are all my personal opinions. I sincerely hope this article is out of date and our government has had everything well arranged.

Throughout the Chinese history, most of civilians who commented on politics did not have peaceful endings. Here I hope to express my feelings and end this article by quoting a verse from a famous Chinese poem: “fear not the decease, my body and mind are embedded in my mountains and rivers.”


Wu Ze-heng

Bejing Hua-zang Consultation Center

Nov 20, 1998

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