Wuxi Police Broke into a Resident of Wu’s Student for Investigation on August 2
___Sequence after Chan Master Xingwu Under Detention in July 29th

On July 31, 2014, my roommate received a call from our landlord, telling that the police had broke into our home for a search with the excuse of the ring of the alarm in the house.It was all of a sudden, and I could not return in time. The police broke into the house without the presence of us, the tenants and landlord. Later our landlord arrived at the house first. On the way back, we tried to talk with the police three times via the landlord’s phone, but we were refused until they had finished the search. They explained that the property management office report to the police, suspecting that our house might have been robbed by thief. After they finished their searching, the police changed the lock of the door and left before we arrived, leaving keys to our landlord. We hurried back to the block. Before we entered the apartment, we tried at least 20 minutes to contact the police. The number could not be reached, either out of service or no one to answer, and finally it was turned off completely. Finally together with the landlord, we found another number of a police from the public bulletin in front of the block, who also took part in the raid. After 10 minutes of our call, the police arrived our apartment with two security guards.

At the presence of the three parties, we, the tenant, the landlord and the police, entered the room. There were obvious traces of searching all around the rooms, sofa, balcony, desks, wardrobes and beds, etc.. We kept asking them how they opened the door? The police said that after they received the property administration office’s report, they asked professional Locksmith Company to open the door. But they didn’t give the person’s name who reported to the police, or any formal information that indicated that they had received such request. When we asked the police for his certificate, he showed before us just for a glance, not allowing us to take photos. He said we could go to the police station to check his identity. After that, the police said he had the right to check our identity cards, and he forced us to show our identity cards, and recorded our information down on a piece of paper.

Thereafter we pursued the questions why they searched the house, if they have search warrantor what kind of alarm leading them to search. They changed their explanation into that it was an order, which had no relation with them, and what they were doing was only to obey the order, and they has the right to enter the house as police. They told us if we have any complaint, we could resort to their leaders. They told us we could contact team leader Zhang and the sub-team leader He of Wuxi State Security Unit. At last , they gave us new keys and went away.

After the police left, we had a short conversation with the landlord and we left the house immediately. We were scared to return to our place since 31 July, for the fear that the police break into the house again. As you know for recent days, many people, friends and relatives of Chan Master Xingwu, were brought away to the police station for investigation in an illegal manner.