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—— His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu (The Advocator of “Fasting for Charity & One Good Deed Every Day”) Was Illegally Detained Again

Around 11pm, midnight of July 29th, 2014, about one hundred of armed policemen rushed into Yinshi Yayuan ( Silver Stone Garden) of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province to search the residents. In the pretext of examining the residence documents, they conducted an illegal search of the apartment of His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu (Mr. Wu Zeheng) — a famous nongovernmental commonweal advocator of “Fasting for Charity & One Good Deed per Day”. Afterwards, they entered several households to search without any warrants, taking away His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu and a dozen of his students.

They forcibly took away dozens of persons, among them there were several children around 10 years and several older people around 70 years. They left several policemen to carry on continuous surveillance. They took the computer, assets and all the valuable possessions of His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu (Mr. Wu Zeheng), without a signed list.

An old lady of 71 years was detained for a night and her arm was black and blue with a wound.

The statement of His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu’s family member:

My grandma came back home this morning. Last night, the policeman pulled my grandma by force, and my grandma’s arm was injured by the force and began bleeding. Today they searched every corner of the apartment and took away all the valuables in our apartment, including the Guru’s private documents, manuscript, watch and letters, almost everything. They kicked in the locked door, search that room and took away veluables and material they think relevant.

The statement of a parent of one of the children taken away without reason:

About 11 pm, my daughter was together with some teenagers who were having summer camp here. A flock of policemen broke into their room, and searched the room willfully. They even tore the diary of the children. And then took the children away without informing the parents. Until today morning they were taken away for 5 hours. The policemen did not give any reason. Who takes the responsibility of curing the children’s psychological wounds?”The people\’s” police! The taxpayers regret to feed you.

The statement of one of the children taken away without reason:

Last night, many policemen came to our apartment. I was taking a bath, suddenly I heard rapid and violent knocking on the door, and saw the light of a torch flashing back and forth. It was very scary. I dried myself and came out. They almost broke into the bathroom. We were taken away, including a sick child. Some children were frightened into crying. Our teacher always says that uncle policeman helps the people. But the scene made me think the world is not so beautiful.

Related events

2011 Buddha Birthday affairs:

On the night of May 9, 2011, the eve of Buddha Birthday, a lot of policemen led by Luoyu, the police inspector in Qianshan Police station, broke into Mr Wuzeheng’s residence. They searched for everything without showing any legal documents. Officer Luo brutally punched Mr. Wu,leaving him with multiple injuries. Then Mr. Wu and his family members were handcuffed and taken to the local police station. Meanwhile, Zhuhai government dispatched a large number of police, total of 14 Hua Zang disciples and students were detained and released 24 hours later without charge. The police’s explanation is that they suspected there would be a relational ritual tomorrow, and people were summoned with suspicion of holding an illegal meeting. But contrary to what one might suppose, soon after that, officer Luo got promoted.

2010 illegal detention

About 100 disciples came to Zhuhai to celebrate Mr. Wu’s 43rd birthday. The police were there in force. They interfered and ruined the birthday party. Mr. Wu and three disciples were questioned for 24 hours on the pretext of illegal meeting. At the end, Mr. Wu had the birthday only with his family, under the surveillance of police.

As an innocent prisoner for 11 years

Mr. Wu was condemned to jail for 11 years be the name of illegal management and issue without law permission,which both be proved to be figment.

Wide attention by international society

August 2011

As the present of 16 assemblymen of House of Representatives of American, Trent Franks and Health Shuler wrote a letter to Zhang Yesui, Chinese ambassador, delivered their deep concern about Mr. Wu Zeheng, and urged Chinese government stop harassment for Mr. Wu. At the same time, the event was strong concerned by Union Human rights committee, International amnesty organization in London, Human right observation, Nobel peace committee, and the Reuters.

October 22, 2013

The case of Mr. Wu and Huazang was embodied by Union council of Human Rights, at the second general meeting for Chinese issues. The report was published on the website of Union Human Rights.

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