Shocking! After Chan Master Xing Wu (Mr.Wu Zeheng) was forcibly detained, the media reported his ‘crimes’ learned from the Zhuhai Police, without trial!
August 5

After Mr. Wu Zeheng and his followers were forcibly detained on July 29, the situation suddenly changed with astonishment on August 5! The Legal Daily and its associate website have posted an article that Zhuhai police have raided an illegal organization called Huazang Dharma. Soon after the post, a large number of websites have reposted the articles. Many of those reposted articles have labeled Huazang as an evil cult, which has undertaken many criminal activities. What surprised us most is: how dare the Chinese media justify a group of people as an evil cult and broadcast it, while the case is still under investigation? Who gave the media the right of jurisdiction? It has been for ages that the media bypass the legal process in order to induce the news and make some false, negative claims. It is the high time for us to give some serious thought and to be aware of it.

The article claimed that police found and seized valuables of this group, but isn’t it common that a family keeps some valuables at the residence? The article also claimed they seized lots of propaganda materials, but never mentioned what the content is. As widely known, Mr. Wu Zeheng and so-called “Huazang group” are the promoter of “Fasting for Charity & One Good Deed A Day” in recent years.

The article claimed Huazang as an evil cult had its obvious characteristics and harmed human society, but it did not give any detail of what evil deeds and harm was found. The article only mentioned a fact that Mr. Wu granted his disciples Dhama names and aligned them in Buddhist sect genealogy, but this fact considered as guilty according to the article would be simply a joke to public with basic knowledge of Buddhist. Everyone knows Chan Master Xingwu (Mr.Wu Zeheng ) is a Chan practitioner of Buddhism.

The article pointed out that Mr. Wu is suspected of raping and other criminal activities. Then something weird happened. After this article’s posting, a 14-year-old girl, who is the daughter of Mr. Wu’s friend, was forcibly taken to a local police station for questioning without her mother’s presence and against the opposition from her mother. The police wanted to have a gynecological examination on the girl by force without the presence of her guardian(mother), any friends or family members! The frantic mother called the police over 20 times, but they just hung up or ignored the calls.

Please pay more attention to the development of the event.