Innocent Underages Forced to the Station and Questioned Again on August 5_ Sequence of Chan Master Xing Wu Under Detention on July 29

Since Chan Master Xing Wu(Mr.Wu Zeheng)and other 18 people were detained on July 29, there has been no formal reason nor legal explanation given for the detention. Although many local relatives of Mr.Wu have been released, their daily lives have been severely affected under surveillance. On August 5, two underage were forced to the police station without the presence of their guardians. The following is the statement from those involved at the scene and their parents.

Person involved at the scene:
I am an old woman. Around 16:15 pm on August 5 2014, three police officers in casual clothes (two men and one woman) rang the door bell. At that time there were no other adults at the house, except me, sick in bed. As the door bell rang in such a rush, I got out of the bed and opened the door. At the beginning, I watched out through the glass door and asked who they were, and then one man and another woman presented police badges and answered that they were police. After that, I opened the door.

They entered the room, called two girls’ name, and said they wanted them for some information. I asked, “You have already questioned us as well as the children last week. What else do you want to ask?” They said, “We want some information of their parents.” I told them that the girls were sleeping in bed. They asked me to get them up, and said, “Don’t worry, we only ask for some information.” When the kids got out, they asked some information of their parents and after that they wanted to take them to the station. I said, “They are underage, still children. Their parents are not here, neither the house owner, and they should be out in the market buying foods. I am only a visitor here for a temporary stay. I don’t know much information, and I am sick. You cannot take them away. Please do not scare them.” They saw me so sick and allowed me to return to my room. But I did not because I was so worried about the children. Then there came in another man, who made four of them altogether. They said, “We will not do anything to the girls, and you can see that we came in casual clothes(meaning that they were not armed nor uniformed), and we only want them to go to Qianshan police station. It is very near. We will send them back very quickly. Don’t worry.” Then they took the two kids away forcibly, without any legal document left.

Parent of a girl:
At 16:50 pm of August 5, I was on a business trip outside Zhuhai. An anonymous number called in. When I answered the phone, I heard my daughter’s voice, “Mum, I am now in police station.” I was scared, as my child was in my friend’s home, why did she go to the police station? Then a woman’s voice said, “I am a police of Qianshan police station. Do you know Wu Zeheng? As we know, your daughter had been stayed in Wu Zeheng’s room one night. Now we will question her to get information.” (As a mater of fact, one daughter of Mr. Wu was a good friend of the two girls taken to the police station. The three of them used to gather in Mr. Wu’s room, and played there, and the three kids have been staying together all the time and have never been split apart. All the parents knew the fact and consent their gathering.) Hearing that, I said, “My daughter is only 14 years old, still underage. Now you took her to the police station without the presence of her guardians. It is inappropriate.” She replied, “Now I have informed you. If you worry about it, you can come to the station.” I replied, “It’s an anonymous number calling and I am told that my daughter is in the police station. How should I believe it? I can’t believe our police can do such things, taking an underage to a police station without the presence of her guardians. Are you a real police?” Upon my questions, she told me her surname is Yan, and the police badge number is 081892. After that, she hung up the phone. I was so worried that I called back again, asked her to get my daughter on the phone. I was worried that my kid might be very scared, and I wanted to be with her. However, my daughter only had a chance to say one sentence with me. The police immediately put the phone on speaker, not allowing my daughter to talk with me in private. After a short conversation, the phone was hung up.

I was worried so much. My daughter was still underage, and she was in the police station alone. I was also worried whether the women was a real police. So I called 110 for police, and I called 110 for five times within four hours. I also called the Inspection Office of Zhuhai City, and one police with the surname Chen, police badge number 081983, answered my call, but they didn’t give me any reply. When I called the Inspection Office the second time, they told me they had checked with the police who brought my child away and she was real, but they didn’t give any further information nor comment.

Two of my friends hurried to the police station in two hours. Around 19:00 pm, one friend called me that the police would take two kids to the hospital for gynecological check-up, and they didn’t allow my friends to accompany the children. After the call, I was so worried that I called my daughter immediately, but her phone was shutdown. I called the police with badge number 081892, Ms Yan’s number 5 times, but each time the call was either rejected or ignored.

A 14-year-old child, who aught to stay home doing homework or play, was forced to, in the eye of a child, an frightening place, the police station, for no reason, and being questioned without the accompany of parents! Her conversation with parent was controlled under surveillance. The worse thing was that now she had to undergo gynecological check-up, questioned on sex topics! What a horrible experience will it be to an underage girl? Knowing all these, as a mother I am in deep grief! I am very guilty that I can not protect my child, faraway in business trip. Up till now, I have tried more than 20 times to call the police Yan. But she kept rejecting or ignoring my call, and I cannot reach my daughter! Soon the day will break, but where is my deer child? Mum is missing you!